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Unique location: The old town, castle and nature — everything’s just around the corner.

The acor Hotel is a classicist building in the historic center of Heidelberg at Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 55. The boutique hotel was completely renovated in 2021, then newly refur­bished based on an artistic concept, and finally reopened in 2022.

The acor Boutique Hotel’s location is too good to be true: The impressive St. Peter’s Church is located directly in the vicinity. This building also hosts classical concerts, the university library and the university’s old auditorium, where many lectures, readings and concerts are given – the heart of Heidelberg, one could say. The acor Hotel is also just a two-minute walk from Europe’s longest pedestrian zone and is the ideal starting point for getting to know the authentic Heidelberg on foot; even the famous Heidelberg Castle can be reached on foot in just 10 minutes via the opposite path along the forest.

A beautiful location on the edge of the Old Town

Many hotels in Heidelberg are located very centrally, but you won’t notice anything to do with nature. Others offer great views, but you’ll have to drive for what seems like an eternity to reach the Old Town. The acor Hotel offers you the “best of both worlds”: Heidelberg’s Old Town and the natural beautiful of the Schlossberg, something that is practi­cally unique in Heidelberg.

No matter where you look: great views for you! From the acor Hotel, you then walk towards the Neckar River, across the Old Town and reach the main road in two minutes. From there you can also reach the Neckar, from where old, winding paths guide you to the Philosophenweg.

In the opposite direction, you can look directly at the foothills of the Schlossberg from the acor Hotel.You just need to cross the road and then you will arrive at Schloß­straße via Klingen­teich­straße, from where you go through the woods to reach the castle.


Rooftop terrace – plan the day in peace and quiet outdoors

Chilling out in the middle of the city? You can do that on the acor hotel’s roof terrace! Something that always impresses our guests: 

Our cozy roof terrace invites you to sit outdoors and soak up Heidelberg’s flair in peace and quiet. An oasis of relaxation in the heart of the city, you can’t describe it any other way. Sip your coffee here in peace and quiet before you dive into the hustle and bustle of the main street, or plan what you want to do today. From the roof terrace, you overlook the Old Town or you can look on the other side towards the Schlossberg; how about a short walk through the nature to the palace? 

Here, you can choose between city life or nature; you decide where you want to go today.